Mobius to Boscam FPV

How to connect Mobius camera – Boscam FPV – MinimOSD (noise problems, solution)

This is how I connected a Mobius ActionCAM , a MinimOSD and a Boscam FPV 5.8G 400mW AV Transmitter Module TS353 to get picture on a FEELWORLD FPV-769A 7″ HD 800x480p FPV Monitor through a Boscam FPV 5.8G 400mW AV Receiver RC805.

1. Connecting Mobius camera and Boscam TX

First of all I connected the mobius camera to the Boscam TX to check everything was fine.

The orange wire from mobius camera (video out) goes to pin 5 (pic 2) of boscam TX (video in) and

The brown (and then black) wire from mobius camera (ground) goes to pin 7  of boscam TX.

I didn ‘t use the audio out wire from the mobius camera as the boscam tx already has a mic.

To the  pins 1 and 2 of the boscam tx I connected the + and of the 3s battery. Read More

My dji f450

F450 – APM 2.6 – Sunnysky 2212 980kv – 11×4.7 props – Quadcopter setup

Welcome to my F450 Quadcopter Diary. This is my small quadcopter. I will be using it mostly for taking aerial images using my 2 Canons: A2200 and A490 (IR converted). In this diary I will be recording anything that would possibly help anybody with or without the same setup. As I have already mentioned in a previous post, I replaced my Reptile 550 frame with a DJI F450 Flame Wheel one, mostly to gain some flight time from the weight reduction and to reduce (I hope) vibrations caused by the cheap Reptile 550. Read More

Photo Stitching

Quick Photo Stitching by using only 7 aerial photos of vineyards

I did a quick Photo Stitching by using free Microsoft Image Composite Editor to stitch 7 aerial photos shot at about 50 meters high. The result of the photo stitching was pretty decent as one can see from the last photo of the following image gallery. I used planar motion 1 as stitch method. As a next step I am going georeference the stitched photo to be able to take measurements of length and area. Read More

APM Quadcopter flew away

Today my APM Quadcopter flew away. After successfully flying and emptying the first battery (I tested some 10×4.7 APC-like propellers and  got about 11 minutes of flight) , I connected the 2nd one and without waiting for 5 minutes (as is suggest in the arducopter site) I took off and after 30 seconds I changed the mode to ALTHOLD. That was it. The quadcopter throttled to 100% and flew away to the SOUTH with full speed. After a while I lost eye contact with the copter and left terrified looking at the sky. Read More


Mobius ActionCam

Unwilling to pay 400 $ for a GoPRO camera made me search for alternative cheaper options. So Mobius ActionCam came up. Mobius ActionCam is a 38g Full HD camera with lots of accessories, easy to setup and with great results. Unfortunately a downside is that there aren’t many gimbals made for Mobius ActionCam compared to GoPro but this is changing overtime with a few decent solutions out there. Read More

Converting a Canon to infrared visible compositing multispectral camera

I recently bought a DIY Plant Analysis Filter Kit from the Public Labs site and an used Canon A490 from ebay to convert it to an infrared visible compositing multispectral camera. So after following the instructions on I replaced the existing block infrared filter of the camera with the public labs IR free one. The procedure was simple and it took me about 10 minutes to replace the filter with the new one. I won’t get into detailed intstruction about how I did it because you can find lots of them on

Read More


Building my first quadcopter

It’s been a while since I was thinking of buying a quadcopter and since it’s Christmas I decided to just do it. So after searching and searching into forums like and and blogs I decided not to buy an assembled one but to choose the parts and assemble it myself and also to buy a cheap one to learn how to fly (but mostly how to fall with style…).

Buying a cheap Syma quadcopter

So I bought a cheap quadcopter to experiment with and to learn how to fly those things. After viewing good reviews, I chose the Syma X1 which costs about 30 euros and started to fool around. At first sight the Syma X1 looks cheap and vulnerable but after a lot of falls and attacks from litlle children and dogs I couldn’t believe how strong and  durable this syma quadcopter was. After a lot of practice I learned a lot about flying and gained some experience.

Syma X1

In the meanwhile and with the help of a free online tool called ecalc  I came to a decision about which parts I would buy. Ecalc is an extremely helpful tool which helps you choose which parts are suitable for your future quadcopter calc is free but you can donate to its developers to unlock some features. Read More