Tarot 650 – PixHawk – Sunnysky X4108S 480kv – 15×5.5 props – Quadcopter setup

After flying the Reptile 550 and the DJI Flamewheel 450 frames I decided to move on with the Tarot 650 frame which will give me the opportunity to try bigger motors and propellers for maximizing the flight duration. This is what I am expecting:

Ecalc Tarot 650 2x4s 5000 batteries, Sunnysky 4108 480kv and Tarot 15z5.5 props

Parts List

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Frame: Tarot 650 IronMan

Motors: 4x Sunnysky X4108S 480kv

ESCs :ZTW Spider Series 30A OPTO Multi-Rotor ESC 2~6S (SimonK Firmware) ( I had those from my f450 setup)

Propellers: Tarot 1555 Folding props

Flight controller: Pixhawk PX4 2.4.8 Flight Controller 32 Bit or PixHawk (HKPilot32 – clone)

Telemetry: 3DR telemetry 433 Mhz

GPS: Ublox NEO-M8N

Battery: Turnigy 5000 4s 30C

Radio transmitter: Turnigy 9XR

Radio receiver: FrSky D8R-II PLUS 2.4Ghz 8CH 

Gimbal: 2-axis gimbal for go pro

Cameras: Mobius for video and Canon S100 for photos

Build History

24/3/2015 Tarot 15×5.5 folding propellers are here

Tarot 15×5.5 folding propellers

3/4/2015 Sunnysky X4108S 480kV motors have arrived

20/10/2015 Assembling the Tarot 650 frame and mounting the motors and props

The assembly of the Tarot 650 was pretty easy. I had watched some youtube video guides and had not problem at all. After assembling the main frame I started mounting the motors. Only 3 holes were aligned between motor and mount but that’s enough I guess

23/10/2015 Lengthening ESC’s wires so that they can pass through the tubes and reach frame’s centre

In order to pass the wires through the tubes of Tarot 650 you should lengthen the ESCs’ wires. So after an hour of soldering I was ready to start dealing with the connections.

26/10/2015 Installation of the power distribution board – Connection of APM – RC – GPS etc

I had a problem with the ESCs syncing with the motors. I set the Demag compensation to off and the motor timings to High and the motors worked like a charm.

I flew my tarot 650 yesterday and accomplished flights of 13-14 minutes per battery (1000 mA remained in the battery). Loiter mode was fine. Just some fine tuning needed.


I installed a goodluckbuy gimbal for the mobius camera. You can find here more information about the process.

Mounting mobius on goodluckbuy gimbal 2st way


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