My dji f450

F450 – APM 2.6 – Sunnysky 2212 980kv – 11×4.7 props – Quadcopter setup

Welcome to my F450 Quadcopter Diary. This is my small quadcopter. I will be using it mostly for taking aerial images using my 2 Canons: A2200 and A490 (IR converted). In this diary I will be recording anything that would possibly help anybody with or without the same setup. As I have already mentioned in a previous post, I replaced my Reptile 550 frame with a DJI F450 Flame Wheel one, mostly to gain some flight time from the weight reduction and to reduce (I hope) vibrations caused by the cheap Reptile 550.

My current setup is (affiliate links):

F450 quadcopter Basic Parts

Frame: DJI F450 Flamewheel

Motors: Sunnysky 2212 980kV

ESC: Turnigy plush 25A

Flight Controller: APM 2.6 (with power module)

GPS: U-blox LEA-6H High Accuracy GPS

Transmitter: DR8-II plus 2.4 gHz 8 channel

Receiver: Turnigy 9xr

Telemetry: 3DR telemetry 433 Mhz

Batteries: Nanotech 3s 4000 mAh ( 24/2/2015 changed for these Turnigy 4s 40C 5000 mAh)


TX: Boscam FPV 5.8G 400mW AV Transmitter Module TS353


RX: Boscam FPV 5.8G 400mW AV Receiver RC805

MonitorFEELWORLD FPV-769A 7″ HD 800x480p FPV Monitor w/ Sun Shield

10/01/2015 I changed the 3DR APM flight controller to a clone one because I accidentally have damaged it after trying to connect the gimbal.

24/2/2015 Changed the 3s 4000 mAh Turnigys nanotech with 2 4s 30C 5000mAh Turnigys for longer and more powerful flights. My 3s nanotechs had reached at their end of life after 40-50  charge cycles. I haven’t measured their internal resistance or something but when I am flying the quad with the 10×4.7 it starts beeping after a minute of calm flight. Maybe it’s the pros size that’s triggering the alarm due to the high current but I cannot accept it for now. So I decided to go for 4s batteries even thought the motors aren’t supposed to work with 4s batteries.


  1. The APM is mounted between the 2 plates on 4 pieces of Kyosho GEL. (I should record the vibration levels to see if that works)|(Done not any serious vibrations)
  2. Autotune (Done I should take a snapshot of my configuration)
  3. Find a way to mount the canons beneath the lower plate.(DONE by using a old vibration isolated plate)
  4. Photos
  5. Test mobius-vibration-gimbal-flight time
  6. Test various propellers sizes. For now I am using 4 10×4.7 NONAME apc-likne props but I have already order some genuine APC props from the US.
  7. Check GPS position (maybe I should have chosen a higher position)(No problem as long as I keep it far away from the Mobius camera)
  8. Check ESCs (sometimes turnigy plush loose their programming and they return to the default values)(Done! Flashed them with the BlHeli firmware)


Bsc Forestry and Natural Environment - AUTH - Greece MSc Geographic Information Systems - University of Leeds - UK

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