ZnDiy-BRY APM 2.6 clone compared with the 3D Robotics original one

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  1. Jaap says:

    I’m really curious about the flight results. This APM clone is an interesting candidate for those who need to watch their budget.

  2. s@m says:

    Yes it is and I don’t believe anything bad will happen. Due to bad weather conditions I haven’t flied it yet but everything works flawlessly until now.

  3. kristian says:

    heb je bij de ardupliot ook een gps gekocht

  4. kristian says:

    Hey does the gps when you

  5. Rio says:

    Hi sam, did try follow me mode and clone telemetry device ?

  6. Thiago says:

    Did you have any problem in upload a diferent firmware?

    • s@m says:

      What do you mean by different firmware? I uploaded the latest firmware of Arducopter. It behaves just like the original one.

  7. goulidakis says:

    doulebi me cheerson cx-20?

    • s@m says:

      Τι εννοείς αν δουλεύει; Αφού αυτό δεν έχει δικό του flight controller?

  8. florin says:

    I have ZnDiy-BRY APM 2.6 with apm:copter and i have problem getting down the dataflash log. Any advice?

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